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At Opsys360, we believe that being able to practice your profession serenely leads to better results, both professionally and personally. Therefore, since 2014, we offer our expertise and knowledge in human resources to all professionals: employers, managers and workers.

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HR Counseling

Does your company want to benefit from HR counseling to define its HR strategy and manage employee relations?

Centered on listening and solutions, our approach is guided by respect for ethical rules, equity, and the development of social and relational cohesion. We act as true partners by actively integrating management and, if necessary, your employees, while placing your company culture at the heart of our advice.

We offer two service packages to achieve your goals:

- The essential package: support that meets your daily needs
- The growth package: an approach focused on the sustainable development of your human resources.



Your company cannot hire the professional that you selected and that you so urgently need?

Simple and flexible, payrolling is the best solution. You are guaranteed to work with the person you chose while leaving Opsys360 responsible for all the inherent administrative tasks of human resources.

Our team provides custom solutions (salary, work permit, legal framework) so that you can reach your goal(s).


HR Communication

Is your company looking to enhance its attractiveness as an employer through communication and harmonious collaboration within its teams?

In a world where the very essence of humanity lies in its ability to communicate, we understand the crucial importance of this interaction. That is why we have created three unique services that combine communication and human resources: Employer Branding, Employer Communication, and our 360innerself concept.

In a context where the boundaries of work are blurring, how your company is perceived plays a decisive role in remaining a competitive employer. Discover how our expertise can foster an environment where communication is smooth, talents are attracted and retained, and collaboration drives success.


Wage Portage

Are you looking to get the most out of every professional opportunity coming your way? Does increasing flexibility in your career sound enticing?

Wage portage, which appeared in Switzerland ten years ago, allows you to do both. Wage portage offers you the possibility of accelerating your career and gaining flexibility because you can accept mandates with various companies.

Opsys360 assists you and your activity from a technical point of view (drawing up the contract, advising you on setting your salary, dealing with social security and withholding tax) and from a human point of view, as we are at your side to assist you in the development of your career.


Our team

An interdisciplinary team of Human Resources experts with further skills in training, insurance management, quality and safety at work.

Thanks to the diverse professional background of our team members, you can benefit from our various experiences and knowledge in many business sectors, such as communication, marketing, trading, finance and health.


Our philosophy

We believe that work should be an opportunity for anyone to grow and find fulfillment.

Through our own experiences, we realized that business improved significantly when people could invest themselves in it serenely. Individuals should once again become a central point at work, by allowing them to fulfill themselves through their activity.


Our mission

Through innovative techniques, we offer custom and strategic support that allow you to apprehend the working world stress-free.

Opsys360 distinguishes itself by developing high-added-value long-term partnerships, both in terms of services and human relations. We share our expertise to preserve the motivation of each professional. We relieve our clients of specific tasks related to HR management so they can solely focus on their activity.

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