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Since 2014, Opsys360 shares its expertise so that anyone can fulfill themselves through their activity. Our experience made us realize business improved significantly when the daily-life challenges are mastered and accomplished.


We believe that work should be an opportunity for anyone to grow and to find fulfillment.

Through our own experiences, we realized that business improved significantly when people could invest themselves in it serenely. Individuals should become once again a central point at work, by allowing them to fulfill themselves through their activity.


Through innovative techniques, we offer custom and strategic support that allow you to apprehend the working world stress-free.

Opsys360 distinguishes itself by developing high-added-value long-term partnerships, both in terms of services and human relations. We share our expertise to preserve the motivation of each professional. We relieve our clients of specific tasks related to HR management so they can solely focus on their activity.


Our added value is based on the five principles ​​undermentioned that we place at the very foundation of our work.

Trust : we have the personal relationship with our clients at heart.

Partnership : we ensure that our clients understand what we are doing so that we can become a solid partner in any situation.

Reactivity & Flexibility : we analyze every situation with its peculiarities and we provide quick, concrete and custom-made solutions.

Creativity : we refuse to offer pre-made answers. Therefore, we take the initiative to provide innovative and creative solutions, tailored to your situation.


Opsys360 benefits from all the practice licenses issued by the canton and the Confederation for our services, in Switzerland and abroad.



With a Master’s degree in Psychology and Educational Sciences, Joelle is a female orchestra in Human Resources. She has as many years of experience as she has strings on her harp!


Skilled in project management and group dynamic, audits and quality processes hold no secrets from him. His passion for paragliding allows him to look at life situations with height and insight!


A graduate of HEC Lausanne, Andrea administers his advice with precision. A seasoned sportsman and cook, he has a great appetite for helping you develop your business. On your marks, let's talk!


With a Master’s degree in Art History and Public Speech, Alison has the art and the way of presenting human resources simply - easy, she fell into the pot as a child!


With a nod to her medical background, Samantha genuinely puts her heart into everything she does. Her dedication and support are pivotal in empowering our team to deliver the highest level of service. She is, without a doubt, the secret ingredient to our daily success!


After uniting many teams as a company commander, Alexandru obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Communication. He is our swiss knife and creative asset!

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