Wage Portage

Become flexible and speed up your career

Wage portage offers you the opportunity to work with great flexibility on behalf of client companies. Opsys360 is here to support you in your activity, ensuring that you remain at the center of all discussions with the involved partners.

Opsys360's Wage Portage

The place of interim agency in Switzerland
On the path to independence, several statuses in Switzerland gradually offer more autonomy. Opsys360 is a Staff Leasing agency that practices wage portage exclusively with professionals complying with the directives of client companies. Your duties and obligations are similar to those of a professional in payrolling; the difference lies solely in the transparency of the framework conditions of the mission.

Differences between a wage portage employee (or intrapreneur) status and a self-employed status


- You keep an employee status

- You contribute to social insurances

- You can benefit from unemployment and make temporary earnings

- You work in the service sector and have specialised skills

- Your objectives are given to you within the framework of a project directed by the entity that gives you the mandate

- Within 48 hours, you'll obtain a status in accordance with the law and can start your mandate right away.


Company (Sole proprietorship, Sarl, SA)

- You must create an official structure (OASI authorization or registration in the commercial register)

- You contribute partially or totally to social insurances, depending on your situation

- Your right to unemployment insurance is limited

- Your remuneration depends on the quality of your service

- You define the specifications of your service

Tripartite relationship

Tripartite relationship

Your advantages in working with us


Just like an executive in a company, you manage your working hours within the defined overall framework.


Opsys360 provides custom-made solutions so that all your projects come to fruition.

Career booster

Thanks to the multiple mandates you’ve taken on, you are greatly valued for being versatile and efficient.

Strategic partnership

We ensure that you do not depreciate yourself and we help you grow your activity.

Legal and professional framework

You are in compliance with the Swiss Law and you benefit from advantages of a SA registered in the commercial register.

Focus on your work

Opsys360 is at your disposal for all administrative questions and finds a solution no matter the situation

Step by step with Opsys360

Step 1

Contact Opsys360

As soon as a mandate is offered to you or as soon as you consider accelerating your career with a secondary activity, it is time to find out about the best options in terms of wage portage. By email or during a meeting, we will carry out a simulation of your income and answer all your questions according to your personal situation.

Once you are ready, we will draft the framework contract that will officialize our contractual relationship.

Step 2

Begin the mandate

Before signing the mandate contract, we check together whether the negotiated framework conditions take into account all administrative aspects (hourly wage, VAT, termination period and billing rhythm). We have various forms of contract to frame the assignments. Depending on the size of the client company and the nature of the assignment, we will look together to choose the best contract model.

Once the mandate contract is signed, you can start working.

Step 3

Receive your salary

In accordance with the negotiations, Opsys360 sends the invoice of your services to the client company, monthly or once the mandate is over. We take care of the payment follow-up, from the client company to you.

In the case of temporary earnings, we will take care of all the documentation asked by the unemployment insurance.

Contact us

Find out how we adjust our solutions to your distinctive situation during an individualized meeting. We are eager to receive your call or e-mail!

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