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Payrolling allows you to choose and contract someone under the framework conditions of your company. The cost of this personnel doesn’t impute your payroll budget, for Opsys360 sends you an invoice as a service provider. Opsys360 takes care of all administrative and contractual responsibilities.

Legal framework

Payrolling is administered by the Federal Act on Employment Services and the Hiring of Services.

The payrolling company must therefore obtain the cantons’ and SECO’s authorizations to exercise its activity legally in all of Switzerland and abroad.

Opsys360 benefits from all the practice licenses issued by the canton and the Confederation for our wage portage and payrolling services.

Differences between payrolling and interim


- You already found the person with whom you want to collaborate

- You cannot hire them because of restrictions in your HR budget

- You save the cost of searching for new personnel

- Your expenses are around 15% to 20% lower than interim.



- You need personnel immediately

- You do not want to burden yourself with searching for new candidates

- You hire this individual for a short period

- You also pay the interim agency the cost of searching for new personnel.

Your advantages in working with us


The professional can quickly begin to work, for we can settle the administrative and contractual details in less than 48 hours.

Added value

You benefit from highly qualified and committed experts in Human Resources.

Flexibility and customization

Opsys360 adapts to your functioning. We seek solutions, not problems.

Step by step with Opsys360

Step 1

Contact Opsys360

Once you found the specialist you need, it is time to contact Opsys360 to develop a simulation that will help you estimate the effective expenses you will face.

Step 2

Signing the contracts

Opsys360 sends you the service rental agreement as well as the terms and conditions. Once we receive the signed contract, we will send all the contract documents to the expert you chose.

Step 3

Partnership with Opsys360

We follow-up the payments and deadlines and, if needed, we will remind you of them.

Furthermore, Opsys360 is available to answer all of your questions in human resources or legislative matters. We will also answer all the questions that your personnel might have regarding their remuneration, social insurance and rights.

Step 4

Paying the services

The services provided are to be paid monthly or once the mandate is over. The invoice for the latters is to be settled to Opsys360 within 5 working days.

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