Taking on a Mission Contract During Unemployment? Achieve an Intermediate Gain with Wage Portage

Taking on a Mission Contract During Unemployment? Achieve an Intermediate Gain with Wage Portage

Wage Portage: A Solution to Maintain Attractiveness During Unemployment by Realising Intermediate Gains

Flexibility is the core of the wage portage concept, making it particularly appealing for those registered with unemployment insurance. This service allows individuals to accept any job contract without losing their entitlement to benefits, as the wage portage company swiftly handles all the administrative steps to enable you to achieve and declare your intermediate gain the month it occurs.

Keeping Up with Professional Developments

The job market is increasingly shifting towards flexibility and agility to tackle new economic and social challenges. This shift is evident in the growing trend for companies to hire consultants on a temporary basis rather than permanent staff. However, if an unemployed person is offered a contract, they face a dilemma: either register for social security as self-employed, thereby forfeiting benefits, or decline the work to retain insurance coverage.

Wage portage offers an alternative solution: within just 48 hours, Opsys360 enables professionals to start a contract as autonomous consultants and register their intermediate gain with the unemployment office. The benefits of this system are numerous for both the unemployment office and the worker. Firstly, wage portage encourages temporary work during unemployment, reducing monthly benefit payments and extending the worker’s right to benefits. Secondly, our team of HR experts ensures a professional collaboration between all parties, ensuring compliance with laws and providing necessary declarations and payslips at the end of the month.

Enhancing Employability in the Job Market

By accepting temporary assignments, unemployed individuals can increase their employability by gaining experience closely related to their specific skills. This added value to the worker’s profile, gained through various assignments in wage portage, has been highlighted in a recent study conducted at the University of Lausanne by our expert Andrea Chiappella. The study concludes that these professionals tend to see a significant increase in income during and after wage portage, with a positive correlation between leaving unemployment and using this form of employment.

Taking Time for Reflection by Testing Options

Unemployment often coincides with a period of career reflection. It’s a chance to consider various career paths, such as continuing education, professional reorientation, or starting one’s own business.

In all scenarios, the flexibility of wage portage combined with intermediate gain allows for exploring these options without unnecessary risk. Consider two professionals with very different profiles:

  • The first has many years of experience in finance but wants to reorient his career towards a more human-centred activity. Through his network, he learns about a short-term contract with a foundation; by taking this contract, he can test if the humanitarian sector suits him.
  • The second has very specific skills that most companies only need occasionally. He is considering whether self-employment is a viable option. He can either choose an employment measure to become self-employed in just three months or take the time to test by completing a first contract through wage portage. With the latter option, if the project needs to be abandoned due to dissatisfaction, the insurance continues to pay benefits, ensuring no financial impact.

In our examples, we focused on a trial period. However, the advantage of wage portage is the possibility to repeatedly test until you find the precise answers to your questions. This gives the time and space to decide the best path for your future; whether to continue as an employee or start your own business.

Wage Portage: Flexibility for Career Advancement

The flexibility that wage portage offers in the context of unemployment and intermediate gains makes it a preferred alternative for professionals who want to remain active at all times. This service allows them to utilise and simultaneously enhance their skills by working on specific projects. It also provides the opportunity to test various options concretely, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future career path.

Opsys360 is here to provide you with all the necessary information and support on this journey towards autonomy and professional success! Contact us today to discuss your project.